I have to assume someone at the Hollywood Reporter at least questioned the headline "Moviegoing Plummets to Post 9/11 Levels."

But it's accurate, if not tasteful. There were no standouts — no film grossed more than $10 million — and the best any new release could do was $5 million. (That would be The Words.) Meanwhile, The Possession continues to lead, though not by much.

An overall weekend gross of between $65 million and $67 million does put this weekend under the 2001 weekend immediately after the 9/11 attacks. Of course, there's no real correlation between the current weekend and that weekend 11 years ago, except that all post-Labor Day weekends are kind of rough.

Listen, if you can find a way to work 9/11 into an article about poor box-office performance, by all means.

Disappointment aside, The Words isn't a total disaster. That designation goes to fellow new release In the Cold Light of Day, which debuted in 13th place at $1.8 million. What is In the Cold Light of Day? Exactly.

[Image via AP/Lionsgate]