A Florida woman was arrested yesterday for allegedly attempting to rob a man in the midst of a sexual encounter inside a moving vehicle.

Authorities in Port Charlotte say the incident began to unfold last week, after the victim and two friends picked up two women inside the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub.

The five continued from there to a private residence, where the victim and one of the women retired to the bedroom. After engaging in sexual intercourse, the woman asked the victim for $250. He handed her $120, and she and her friend quickly left the house while the victim was in the bathroom.

He later phoned the woman and they arranged to meet outside a local Pick N Run convenience store. Expecting to find the woman he spoke with on the phone, the victim was instead greeted by 26-year-old Amanda Jean Linscott, who informed him that the other woman had left her there.

Linscott entered the victim's Nissan Sentra, and the two took off. At some point during the drive, Linscott and the man began having sex while the car was still in motion. During the act, Linscott suddenly demanded money, but was rebuffed by the victim, who said he had already given $120 to her friend.

Linscott subsequently pulled out a .357 Taurus revolver, placed it against the victim's head, and restated her demand. A fight ensued, and the victim told investigators he was forced to punch Linscott in the face to free the weapon.

The two eventually crashed into a palm tree, which caused the victim to fly out of the car. He got up and ran across two front yards before returning to the scene to find Linscott had bolted leaving the revolver behind. The victim drove his busted car to his friends' house, where he phoned the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies managed to track Linscott down a week later, and arrested her on suspicion of armed robbery. She is currently being held without bond.

[H/T: Arbroath, mug shot via CCSO]