[There was a video here]

After robbing a Santa Clarita Valley bank earlier today, four men sped off in a black Volvo towards downtown Los Angeles trailed closely by LAPD. En route, two of the robbers bailed out of the vehicle while the other two exited the highway and took to the streets of a Los Angeles neighborhood tossing "unknown amounts of cash" out the window. All six of the men involved in the robbery were apprehended after over an hour when a local guy in a silver truck cut them off and forced the Volvo to a stop.

It's not yet clear if the robbers were indeed trying to stage some sort of modern day Robinhood scenario, but either way Fox New's Megyn Kelly does not agree with their radical act:

Query whether the folks who keep their money in downtown LA are really the rich from whom they stole. It was probably a lot of good people who didn't expect their money to be stolen...

[Fact check: The bank was in Santa Clarita Valley county, a notably wealthy county.]

No word yet on whether any of the robbers were wearing tights.

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