Relative SNL-newcomer Jay Pharoah will replace Fred Armisen as Saturday Night Live's resident Obama impersonator, according to an interview Lorne Michaels gave to the New York Times today.

"Jay has been doing Obama in his act this summer, and Jay is coming into his own," Mr. Michaels said. "I just thought it might be time to shake it up."

Armisen, a 10-year SNL veteran, will still be busy; Michaels described him as the "the backbone of the show now."

The interview comes on the heels of the announcement that Jason Sudeikis, who everyone thought was gone, will return to the show for at least one more season.

In sort of related Saturday Night Live news, NBC is now soliciting fan suggestions, via Facebook and their webpage, for future SNL hosts and musical guests. You think there'd be funny or awful suggestions in the comments, but so far everyone is just asking for Tom Hiddleston and the Avett Brothers over and over. Boring.

[Image via AP]