The reviews of Mitt Romney's reaction to the Libya crisis this week were uniformly damning. But Donald Trump, little orange scamp that he is, knows solid trolling material when he sees it. Which is why he just offered up the above tweet, which accuses the President of being friends with terrorists. Because at this point, why not? Your man Romney is getting his ass kicked in the polls, so why not lay all your cards out on the table and accuse the President of virtually everything possible? Terrorism. Murder. Incest. Once you've crossed the line into blatant slander, you may as well go all the way.

Now that the GOP has pretty much disowned Trump, he's found that he must go out of his way in order to keep himself in the news. That's how you end up with a tweet as cynical as the one above. It's a blatant troll move, one designed specifically to piss you off and lure us Gawker folk into posting it so that you can say all sorts of justifiably horrible things about him. NBA legend Fake Bill Walton has already cottoned to Trump's game.

Normally, I'd advise you to ignore The Donald's troll bait. That's how you make trolls go away. But since Trump will never, ever go away, I'm not sure that's the right angle to take. I think we should consistently remind ourselves that Donald Trump is a shitty human being with undeniably awful taste in virtually everything, and that perhaps he deserves the same kind of reckless, miserable lies spread around about him. For example, here are some factually untrue things we could say about Donald Trump:

  • He kills dogs for sport.
  • He once sexually harassed his own niece. He placed his hand on her knee and gradually began sliding it upwards and she begged him to stop but oh, he wouldn't. He just kept going and going because he's a monster.
  • He once, along with former Senatorial candidate Craig James, killed five hookers at SMU.

You get the idea. Join us in the discussion section and we can all feel better about ourselves knowing that Donald Trump is a waste of fucking life.