To promote the release of their first studio album in 13 years, members of the '90s alternative rock staple Ben Folds Five, who ended a decade-long hiatus last year, have teamed up with another band of merrymakers returning to the pop culture fore after being away for a while: The Fraggles.

The beloved Muppets from Jim Henson's '80s kids show Fraggle Rock appear in the music video for The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind's lead single, "Do It Anyway."

Nerdist Chris Hardwick, who helped make it happen, explains:

In a meeting with Lisa (Henson, CEO, The Jim Henson Company), she casually said, 'Next year is the 30th anniversary of Fraggle Rock. Would you want to do anything with the Fraggles?' 'WHAT THE (expletive)?? That's an OPTION?!' I loudly replied. I think I scared her a little. I knew Ben had a new album releasing in September so I threw his name out. Lisa said 'that would be amazing' without hesitation. It was beautifully serendipitous.

Anna Kendrick and Rob Corddry have cameos. The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind is in stores tomorrow.

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