Sexting: the clicky sticky menace. Is your plucky teenager—honors student, Girl/ Boy Scout, churchgoer—utilizing the cell phone that you provided him or her with "just for emergencies" for another purpose altogether? The purpose of typing out "what are u wearing" to a member of the opposite or same sex as his or her loins swell in anticipation of the reply, "jeans u?"

If so, they may also be fucking. (Another person.)

The LAT reports the sobering results of a new poll of high school students—many of whom, it seems, are thinking about "ass" rather than "math" and the only "science" they're thinking of is "sexting science," and perhaps some side thoughts about all the advanced circuitry it takes to make that happen, and how microprocessors facilitate it.

A new study has found a link between teenage sexual activity and "sexting" — using cellphone devices to send sexually suggestive or explicit messages and photos.

In short, teens who "sext" are seven times more likely to have sex.

In short, if you're not sexting, you're not getting laid, so get to sexting, dorks. "There is peer pressure around sexting," explained the lead researcher here. Yeah—peer pressure to get laid! Peer pressure—more like beer pressure, as in "hey gurl i have beer at my house do u want to cum over?" (sent as a text message.) Sexting? More texting that could lead to sex—seven times over! Those odds sound good to me! Gurl U no U lik my style.

Kids these days are so fucking lucky with their stupid modern sex technology.

[LAT. Photo: Shutterstock]