Dr. Drew appeared on the Sirius show Dirty Pop with Lance Bass and was asked about his opinion on Chris Brown and Rihanna. His physical abuse of her in 2009 is as evergreen a pop-culture topic as you could find in the past 10 years. "Beating a dead horse" would be a good way to describe it were it not regarding the beating of an actual human being.

Anyway, Drew put a new spin on an old topic (at least a new spin from someone evidently of sound mind) when he said, regarding Brown and Rihanna, "I don't fault either person. I'm not saying, ‘Oh there's a bad person here.' No, these are human experiences. It's a very common situation these days." His focus on circumstance is consistent with the way he generally talks about human behavior (especially that of addicts), but it also sounds a lot like #teambreezy rhetoric, which is weird coming from Dr. Drew.

[via ONTD]