Another day, another strong endorsement for a whirlwind summer romance culminating in teen marriage from a member of the Kennedy clan.

Earlier this week, the Boston Herald interviewed Kennedy matriarch Ethel Kennedy at the premiere of an HBO documentary about her life (Ethel).

The documentary explores how Ethel's experiences as the young widow of one of the Democratic party's most high-profile politicians helped shape her role as the grandmother of one of the most popular juniors at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.

Accordingly, the Herald had lots of questions for Ethel about her grandson Conor's girlfriend.

When asked if she thought Conor, 18, and Swift, 22, would marry, Kennedy responded:

"I hope so!"

Back in August, when asked if Swift had purchased the home across the street from her in Hyannisport, Kennedy responded:

"I hope so!"

And if the Boston Herald reporter thought she heard that same refrain of "I hope so!" repeated on a loop while Kennedy's smile remained frozen in place, and if she thought she heard what sounded like the sound of a jammed tape recorder being thrown on the ground, and if she thought she saw a blonde Taylor Swiftian figure darting into the crowd of people behind Ethel Kennedy, and if it seemed to her that, up close, Ethel Kennedy looked much more like a two dimensional cardboard cut-out of Ethel Kennedy than she would have expected, well, she was probably just imagining things.

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy were spotted antiquing at a shop "not far from Kennedy's dorm," most likely on the hunt for early 19th century posters of John Belushi in his "College" sweatshirt.

(Boston Herald // Image via Getty)