Racking up over 350,000 views in just one day, the music video for "Same Love," the latest single from Seattle-based underground rapper Ben "Macklemore" Haggerty and producer Ryan Lewis, is so popular, its success could very well have a strong positive impact on the outcome of a local initiative to legalize same-sex marriage.

The song, which features Mary Lambert on chorus, follows up the duo's previous monster hit "Thrift Shop," and its video was released in support of Washington's Referendum 74, which asks voters to approve or reject a bill to allow same-sex residents of the Evergreen State to marry to the consenting adult of their choosing.

With lyrics such as "I might not be the same / but that's not important / no freedom 'til we're equal / damn right I support it," Macklemore gives no quarter to those who oppose marriage equality, and, on the Internet at least, it seem like he's produced a fairly substantial echo that could ultimately put the remaining undecided voters decidedly in the "for" column.

On YouTube, one convert writes: "This video really hit deep. I'm ashamed by how much I describe stupid shit as 'gay' and toss around the word 'fag.' Macklemore is doing something really great. Respect."

And, as well all know, if you can change the minds of YouTube trolls, you're pretty much magic.

[H/T: Towleroad]