Chicago police discovered roughly $10 million worth of pot growing in a field on Chicago's South Side. The plants, some of which were ten feet tall, took up a plot of land the size of two football fields. Even with so much weed, authorities only found the field during a routine helicopter patrol, and even that was mostly due to luck, according to Cook County Sherriff's officer Ed Graney.

"I may not have noticed it myself, except I happened to glance down at the right time," Graney said.

It wasn't until police investigated on the ground that they realized how massive the crop was.

"It's surrounded by tall grass, and basically it's a huge field you wouldn't see anywhere but from the air," Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy told reporters Wednesday.

All told, police found upwards of 1,500 plants. As of Wednesday afternoon, the police had no leads, although a lookout was spotted running from the crime scene.

No word if any police dogs accidentally got stoned during the raid.

[Image via AP]