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Edward Archbold, the 32-year-old South Florida man who died shortly after winning a live bug-eating contest hosted by a reptile store, downed "dozens of roaches and worms" over the course of four minutes to take home a $700 Ivory Ball python he hoped to sell to a friend.

But the winner of Ben Siegel Reptiles' first ever "Eat Bugs for Balls" contest never had a chance to collect his prize: Archbold began regurgitating soon after being crowned the victor, and collapsed in front of the store shortly thereafter.

He was rushed to a local hospital, but was pronounced DOA.

Some 30 other people also participated in the last-night contest, none of whom reported feeling ill. Each contestant was made to sign a waiver confirming they were not on drugs or alcohol and were not allergic to shellfish, as they share an allergen with cockroaches.

As for the roaches themselves, the store owner said they were of the discoid roach variety, and were completely safe for human consumption, having been raised in a controlled environment as exotic pet feed.

"Eddie was a super nice guy," Ben Siegel told the Sun Sentinel. "Everyone here liked him. He was out-going. He was the life of the party."

An official cause of death will be released following an autopsy by the Broward Medical Examiner's Office.

[video via National Post, photo via Palm Beach Post]