Best Tom Hanks son Chet Haze is now denying that he's Reddit user "ChetHaze," and the Reddit account with that name has been deleted. Luckily, just before it was wiped, we collected every single comment "ChetHaze" made on the Reddit nudes forum "GoneWild." Just, you know. For data-gathering purposes.

Here's (definitely real) Chet Haze's statement, from his Twitter:

So, just to be clear: Chet Haze is claiming that someone created a Reddit account with the screen name "ChetHaze," and that this person posted, infrequently, about topics of interest to the real Chet Haze — Chicago, marijuana, frats, music, prostate massage, nude women — as well as several anecdotes about celebrities whom he knew through his parents, all in a pitch-perfect imitation of Chet Haze vernacular, a fake account so good it fooled Chet Haze's brother — and furthermore that this fake ChetHaze freaked out and asked how to delete messages as soon as his hoax had been unveiled, and eventually deleted his account.

But just in case you don't believe Chet, here's every single comment he ever made on the user-contributed erotica section "GoneWild":