Critics of Obama are tired of being called racist just because they disapprove of the President. You might say the solution to that would be to not use racist rhetoric and imagery in so many attacks, but then, you would be "pulling the race card."

But no, not all anti-Obama protests are racist.

This window display — which shows Obama as a primitive witch doctor, complete with loincloth and bone through his nose — is a little more difficult to defend.

The image replaces the "C" in "ObamaCare" with a Communist hammer and sickle, because as we all know, there's a logical connection between Communists and witch doctors.

Store owner Bill Skuby insists that his display is not racist: "It always comes down to the race card," he complained. But unlike some of his fellow patriots, Skuby has proof that he's not a racist — his granddaughter is biracial.

My son married a girl that had a biracial kid. She is every bit a part of our family as the other two in this picture. I'm not racist. And as long as my grandchild doesn't think I'm a racist, I'm perfectly fine with all of this.

Other residents of New Jersey's Spring Lake neighborhood aren't as OK with Skuby's display, which has ignited the predictable free speech debate. President of the Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce George D'Amico says that he disagrees with the display, but only from a practical perspective — it's bad for business.

Really, though, what's the harm in using obvious racist imagery? I mean, it's seasonal, as local resident Karen Cameron explains.

It's his right to put what he wants in his window. This does not incite violence, and it's in time for Halloween. This is not the limit. If we lose the right to free speech, America wouldn't be America.

Be sure to use the "it's in time for Halloween" excuse the next time you don blackface.

[Images via AP, Mark J. Bonamo/]