Why Are You People Paying $61,236 For a Year of College?

Campus Grotto has put out its annual list of the 100 most expensive colleges. Sarah Lawrence College comes in at first place, with an annual cost for the current 2012-2013 school year a whopping $61,236. Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you people? Do they just serve gold in the dining hall?

Rounding out the top five are:

  • 2. New York University - $59,837
  • 3. Harvey Mudd College - $58,913
  • 4. Columbia University - $58,742
  • 5. Wesleyan University - $58,202

Kids: college is not worth this much. I know you want to be JUST LIKE Sigourney Weaver or J.J. Abrams or Barbara Walters or Vera Wang or some other Sarah Lawrence alumnus I found on Wikipedia just now, but you do not need to spend the equivalent of 1,224 iPhone 5s on 4 years of warm beer and Pizza Hut. It is not worth it unless these colleges are offering free blowies when you sign up for 15 credit hours.


Parents: do not spend this much on your kid. Buy yourself 1,224 iPhone 5s instead.

[Image via Flickr]