Massachusetts, you sure have been wacky this week. You're a major accomplice in this week's "Binders full of women" deluge (which Romney lied about too). You had brother-and-sister thieves pretending to be screwing in a bathroom to avoid jail time. Plus those roving coyotes, dumped lottery winners, cartoony bus-driver assaults, and your awful accents are ruining the flow of American Horror Story. And now you don't like a little private tickling?

Boston's Mayor Menino, the city official who rather admirably told Chick-a-Fila to go cluck itself this past summer, is now displeased with Trojan. The company that tied up New York City's traffic in August is trying to bring its free vibrator to City Hall Plaza, a "family-friendly area" that also happens outside Menino's office, which is really not an appropriate place for sexxxy swag.

The Boston Herald reports that yesterday, a member of the Mayor's administration, Michael Galvin, sent a letter Massivemedia, the promotions company orchestrating the campaign, firmly disapproving of plans to bring "Pleasure Carts" to Boston's Government Center and demanding the marketers find another site to distribute their pervy purple products. From the Herald:

"I would tell you in the strongest terms allowable that I feel this is an inappropriate and irresponsible use for the plaza," Galvin wrote to Massivemedia's Robert Rukstalis. "City Hall Plaza provides access to City Hall for constituents from all walks of life including many families and children."

It's true that little kids shouldn't learn so early in life that women can be happy alone, but as the Herald points out, the city can't legally stop such a promotion anyway, because the Plaza is public space. So should the free Trojan distribution take place, we recommend all curious children be told that—like knives, HBO, and voting—those things in the purple boxes are for "big people." And there's always the ol' back massager excuse.

[H/T Boston Herald / photo from New York City's free vibrator day by AP ]