Freelance broadcast meteorologist Dan Pope was on weatherman duty for Utah's Fox 13 last month during the formation of the short-lived, Eastern Pacific tropical storm John.

Illustrating John's anticipated storm track and evolving intensity, Pope awkwardly positioned himself to the left of the graphic, resulting in a penis-shaped pareidolia made increasingly worse by the upward motion of the storm's "cone of uncertainty."

It still wouldn't be the worst "weather wiener" on record, if not for Pope's accompanying commentary, which included several unwitting double entendres, including "Dan, why are you showing me this," and something about "leftover moisture."


Around the time the precipitation graphic gets tacked on top of Tropical Storm Johnson, this trainwreck transcends mere hilarity to become truly historic.

'Dan, Why Are You Showing Me This?': Local Weatherman Has Extremely Graphic On-Air Reaction to Tropical Storm


[H/T: HyperVocal, animated GIF via Daily Dot]