America's newest sweetheart and undeniable debate-winner Jeremy Epstein joined Chuck Todd on MSNBC this morning to share his experience at last night's town hall debate. Epstein described the question selection process, explaining that each audience member submit four questions, and was given one back, but no one knew for certain they would be called upon.

Though the 20-year-old Adelphi University student did not offer any insight into the Michelle Obama/Ann Romney fight over who wore hot pink best, he did say it felt like Mitt Romney "was staring into [his] soul" when answering the exercise science major's question on jobs. Epstein said he thought Romney was being "sincere" when he offered Epstein a job. Mitt Romney is, in fact, unemployed so where the job at? In his home(s)?

Epstein also talked shop (basketball) with the President, challenging him to a one-on-one match. Epstein v. Obama 2012, the basketball matchup America deserves. Epstein declined to tell Todd which candidate he'll be voting for, but based off this tweet, Epstein requires a follow back before he'll foist over the vote.