Sometimes when you really put effort into making your Halloween costume realistic, you get compliments. "Wow, you really look like (blank)!" people might say. But other times, you might do too good of a job, and get mistaken for the real thing by a relative, who will then shoot you with a shotgun.

This is more or less exactly what happened, to tragic effect, this weekend to a 9-year-old girl in Western Pennsylvania. The girl dressed as a skunk, wearing a black hat and costume with a white tassel down the middle, and was either on her way to or from a Halloween party when tragedy struck.

Somehow a male relative, who police say wasn't even drunk, mistook her for a real skunk and shot her with a shotgun, which, for some reason, he was already carrying.

The girl was alert and talking when flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh. Police aren't yet sure if the relative will be charged with a crime.

[Via the NY Daily News//Image via Shutterstock]