A controversial art installation at a sushi bar in Vienna will allow male patrons to peek into the restaurant's ladies room from inside the men's room through a one-way mirror separating the the two restrooms.

According to artist Alexander Riegler, his project is intended to "stir people into a discussion of voyeurism and surveillance."

One Dots Experimental Sushi employee said the restaurant's "young and cosmopolitan" clientele doesn't mind the pervy spy glass, but that was before they knew of its existence.

After a local paper ran a piece on Riegler's art project, several female customers complained, and Dots was forced to add a sign warning women using their restroom that they were being monitored by the men's room across the way.

Women will reportedly get their chance to look in on men doing their business when the mirror is flipped around in January — that is, if the restaurant is still in business by then.

[photo via Kurier]