The small town of Leakey, Texas (pop. 387), is stirring with an excitement not felt since the Leakey High Eagles last won the state football championship in 1975. But this latest stir has less to do with victory and far more to do with pure ignorant hatred, compliments of Leakey's nondenominational Church in the Valley.

Run by Pastor Ray Miller, Church in the Valley is apparently known for its wacky marquee, changed weekly by Miller himself. This week's sign deviated from the normal gospel, however, when Miller posted on it an outright political endorsement, attacking President Obama in the process. The sign now reads, "Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim! The capitalist, not the communist!"

Miller isn't giving many interviews about the sign, but he told one local news station that his message "speaks for itself." And that it does! Church in the Valley has loudly and clearly thrown its support behind Mitt Romney for president, which may win Romney a few more votes—though that seems unlikely in a state that's already overwhelmingly Republican—but which also violates the law that says tax-exempt organizations like churches aren't allowed to campaign for or endorse political candidates. Church in the Valley, in other words, should have its tax-exempt status revoked straightaway, at which point Miller can go ahead and spout whatever ridiculous, anti-Obama lies he'd like without the tax protections afforded him by the same government over which Obama now presides.

For their part, the Leakey townsfolk don't seem too perturbed by Miller or Church in the Valley. "I love it," resident Damon White told a reporter. "Even if it's bad attention, bring it on. Come to town, see what it's about." You heard the man: Go to Leakey and see what it's about—just don't be Muslim or a communist, probably. Or black, just for good measure.