A photo of a young looking Mitt Romney with Marcus Bachmann-like limp wrists is making the rounds on Twitter and Tumblr. Even Paula Froelich got in on it today. Look at those teen bullies laugh!

Like all good things and Obama's birth certificate, this thing is a total fake. It's actually part of a photo essay from Vanity Fair that shows an imposter "Teen Mitt Romney" pulling pranks in high school. Pranks kind of like the ones the real Mitt Romney pulled back in his school days — like the time he yelled "atta girl" at one of his gay classmates.

But your Mitt Romney shade throwing shouldn't be stopped just cause you got duped by this image. Mitt of course does have a history of saying some pretty harsh things about gay marriage. Here's what we dug up:

Senate Judiciary Committee , June 22, 2004
"We need an amendment that restores and protects our societal definition of marriage, [and] blocks judges from changing that definition at this point, the only way to reestablish the status quo is to preserve the definition of marriage in the federal Constitution before courts redefine it out of existence."

South Carolina, 2005, (via the LA Times.)
"From Day One, I've opposed the move for same-sex marriage and its equivalent, civil unions,"

New York Times, April 25th, 2004
''Massachusetts should not become the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage. We do not intend to export our marriage confusion to the entire nation.''

ABC News' This Week,
February 18, 2007.
" From the very beginning of my political life and well before that, I've felt marriage is between a man and a woman and not between people of the same gender."

CPAC, February 10, 2012
"When I am president, I will preserve the Defense of Marriage Act and I will fight for a federal amendment defining marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman."

Fox News/WSJ debate in South Carolina, Jan. 16, 2012, (via Politico)
"I've always opposed gay marriage. I believe that we should provide equal rights to people regardless of their sexual orientation but I do not believe that marriage should be between two people of the same gender." -

Boston Globe, February 26th, 2005
"America cannot continue to lead the family of nations around the world if we suffer the collapse of the family here at home,' Romney said, calling the Supreme Judicial Court's legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts ‘a blow to the family.'"

[Image via AP]