Last Friday, we told you everything you needed to know in order to defeat Frankenstorm. Now, with the surge mere hours away, we want to see how dearly you value your life and also how you decorate your apartment.

Because my boyfriend is the only person I know who possesses an impressive array of both knives and Eagle Scout skills, I have wedged myself into his lifeboat. The above pictures were taken in his apartment, where he and I have been preparing all (all) weekend. The bulk of that preparation consisted of putting water into anything that could conceivably hold water: bottles, jugs, glasses, beer growlers, random large storage containers, the blender, the bathtub, ziplock bags (meant to become ice but didn't exactly freeze — no big deal, just more water), etc.

Here's his "last minute" preparations list, written Saturday night after I'd already gone to bed. His final words to me that night: "We're not half done." (He asked that I obscure his dog's name to protect innocent dogs.)

We also packed a Go Bag, including passports.

Please share images of your own Preparation: H(urricane) below.