Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour grossed 227.4 million dollars, so it's expected that the touring industry wants to keep her happy. Live Nation wanted to make sure the Gags was at peak happiness so they gave her a 757 jet. She told her 30.8 million Twitter followers last night "So apparently LIVE NATION gave us a 757 I just cried on the tarmac. We tried to take a pic but its too big." That last part is such a humble-brag.

She followed up that tweet with, "OMG there's Internet on the PLANE. THIS IS MY PLANE IT HAS INTERWEBULAR features. Monsters :( i cant believe this sometimes," which confirms the fact that Lady Gaga has never flown select flights on Delta Airlines before this.

The plan has custom Gaga headrests and a flock of waitresses she dubbed the Joannas, after her late aunt.

But the best part about her Valium-tripping first flight on Gaga Air was that there was free proscuitto served by one of the Joannas:

Everyone knows that Gaga's really just a simple Italian girl from the Upper West Side - or at least she'd like you to think so. She just wants some simple antipasti fare. And flying on Valium is great, but flying on valium on your new private jet while nomming on some proscuitto sounds like an absolute dream.

[Images via Facebook]