Popular Science's Dan Nosowitz introduces us to Ken Mampel, the 56-year-old unemployed Floridian who is largely responsible for the creation of Wikipedia's Hurricane Sandy page-and its conspicuous lack of any reference to climate change:

When I talked to him, I believe he had slept for maybe 15 hours in the past five days. He spoke quickly and passionately but without any focus whatsoever, and even the simplest question could lead into a tangent from which I had significant trouble pulling him away. "Did you create the Wikipedia article originally?" I'd ask. Two sentences later, he was telling me about his son, who is about my age, who does something at George Washington University and is a veteran and received some impressive military medal and did I know that global warming is definitely not man-made?

At one point I told him I lived in Brooklyn. He paused, and then yelled "JOEY BAG-A-DONUTS!" at me in some kind of 1970s Brooklyn accent.

Wikipedia + Florida = crowd-sourced craziness.

[Popular Science]