Taylor Swift, god's beacon of happiness and feeling, had a very bad night. A night so bad that it just may end up on her next album. This is worse than Kanye-interruption-gate: Taylor Swift didn't win any awards at this year's Country Music Awards.

TSwift was nominated for three of the night's 12 awards. She lost "entertainer of the year" to Blake Shelton, "female vocalist of the year" to Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert, and "musical event of the year" to Kenny Chesney.

Blake Shelton mocked Swift at last year's CMA's when he imitated her famous shocked reaction. This year, second-time hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood made fun of her fresh breakup with Conor Kennedy.

On a brighter note, Swift performed her new single "Begin Again" and sounded really good! It's rare that her breathy voice comes off well on live TV and this could've been her best live TV performance to date:

Maybe we won't get the CMA hate song we all want after all.

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