Alas, post-Sandy New York is not all feel-good tales of entrepreneurial ingenuity and upscale Halal carts; there's also been some looting. Police arrested 15 people in the Far Rockaway section of Queens and nine others in Coney Island, including one woman who was charged with possession of a firearm after police found a gun in the safe she was in the process of stealing.

Several stores were hit, including a Rent-A-Center ("It's about time we start taking this sh-back," a looter who identified himself as Jesse James told the Daily News), pharmacies and liquor stores, and, for nerd-ish thieves, a Radio Shack.

As you might expect, New York City officials aren't too pleased. District Attorney Richard Brown said New York "has zero tolerance for looters who would exploit a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy for their own personal gain."

[Image via AP]