Is your boss opening the office today and making you go to work? This is not a bad thing, necessarily, if you like your job, hate your kids, have cabin fever, or live in one of the dreaded Dead Zones, where no one has power and gangs of restless professionals roam the streets, wearing elaborate ceremonial jewelry crafted out of their now-useless electronics. No, the bad thing is getting to work.

  • Walking. Walking! Yes, if you can walk to work, why not? The sun is out, the East River bridges are open, and you live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Also, you are so out of shape! Walking is good for you.
  • The Bus. All busses are running today, on a normal schedule, and according to Twitter aren’t even that crowded. Here is the thing, though: there is no bus that goes between Manhattan and Brooklyn. (Well, maybe there is, but it’s a pain: the BM interborough lines are supposedly being rerouted [the usually go through the Battery Park tunnel], but no one seems to know where, and bus drivers are telling people that there’s no interborough service). The B25, B69, and B67 will take you near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges on the Brooklyn side; the B60, B46, B24, Q54, Q59 and B62 will get you to the Williamsburg bridge on the Brooklyn side — you’ll then have to cross on foot. All other boroughs have full interborough service. Please be nice to your bus drivers! You can find bus maps here.
  • Driving. As you can see, Google says you’re better off on (parts of!) the BQE and some of the other big roads than the surface streets, and even then, good luck; plus consider that you’re going to have to wait a while to park once you get to your office. Also consider that cars, and the massive government subsidies that assure their continued use as a primary mode of transportation, constitute a major threat not just to public health and our future on the planet but also to the very fabric of dense, mixed-use cities.
  • Biking. If you own a bike you probably already took it to work yesterday, just because you could. You were probably out biking during the storm, even. I know you bike people.