Interesting news: a new survey of affluent Americans making over $250K per year found that "49% of respondents said they don't expect their saving or investment plans to change in 2013 no matter who wins the presidential election." They're not worried a bit, one way or another. Isn't that weird?

Because, by contrast, the 97% of Americans who don't make that much money should be very concerned, considering the fact that many big employers that pay the shittiest wages are now "preparing to limit schedules of hourly workers to below 30 hours a week," in order to avoid paying anything towards their health care under Obama's health care law, because such employers see their employees as pieces of meat to be exploited and tossed away to die, rather than as human beings. It's just another part of The New Normal for the bottom half of American workers: condemned to Part Time Life, constantly trying to stretch the meager paychecks of multiple part-time jobs far enough to cover life's costs, never able to land full time work due to deliberate corporate strategies of keeping employees part time. Meanwhile, Wall Street also has a new normal: "The average managing director is set to take home about $930,000 in total pay for 2012, up 3.3% from $900,000 a year ago but down about 23% from $1.2 million in 2010."

So the affluent will continue to be copacetic about their collective future under either party, and the vast and growing lower classes will continue to be desperate for that change they were promised, and anyhow we're only really arguing over a 3% tax hike on rich people here, anyhow, unless that Revolution we've heard so much about starts.

[Photo: Erwin Bernal/ Flickr]