Newark mayor-cum-superhero Cory Booker and hip hop's Jehovah Jay-Z both garnered viral traction today from two separate lyrical remixes to "99 Problems," raising the critical question: Who remixed it better?

Tweeting at a follower who complained to the DIY city CEO about an open pothole his residence, Booker replied "sir, it looks like you live in Dublin, Ireland. I've got 99 problems & your ditch ain't one."

Meanwhile, at President Obama's final rally in Columbus, Ohio, guest hype-man Jay-Z covered his Black Album single, replacing the word "bitch" with the far more apropos "Mitt."

On the one hand, Booker's off-the-cuff response to a random tweet is both impromptu and novel. On the other hand, Jay-Z's noun swap is both timely and pissed off conservatives something awful.

So? Have your say below.

[H/T: BrooklynMutt, video via BuzzFeed]