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Obama was re-elected and Nebraskan "news junkie" Shelly Dankert, a self-described "conservative pro-Palin YouTuber," is pissed.

Very pissed. And drunk. Very, very drunk.

But can you blame her? Not only has her candidate just lost the election, but she's also fully loaded on ButterShots and beer. A messy combination. Particularly when you're a YouTuber with easy access to a video camera and a YouTube account.

That hardly ever ends well.

Especially when you have a lot of grievances to air. Like, a lot, a lot. 24-minutes worth. Toss in a broken swear jar and a chips-for-supper-fueled grudge against everyone and everything ("Thanks a bunch, Paulqaeda!") and you've got yourself the makings of a glorious 100-year rant.

[H/T: FilmDrunk]