As seapunk internet artist Yusuf Islam (neé Cat Stevens) says, it's a wild world. General Petraeus was schtupping his biographer for almost a year and we had no idea. Richard Nixon almost got away with Watergate. Ted Kennedy maybe probably killed a woman and was never charged. It's a lot to think about, and sometimes I wonder, what other remarkably fucked up shit is going on right now that I don't even know about? Well you all are somewhere out there, looking at the same moon as me, thinking the same thoughts, because you all were very concerned about uncovering the truth this week.

Enjoy the weekend folks, because you'll be spending the next one with your family, eating cold turkey with Russian dressing over the sink, wishing you'd never been born.

We will not apologize to Sally Field until she apologizes to us for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde.

Hello —

Do you know that Sally Field is a brilliant and dedicated actress? Do you know that she has studied her craft diligently for decades? Do you have any idea what it takes for actors to create performances with depth and complexity? Do you know that improvising is usually part of the process? Do you know that even movie stars sometimes have to insist on being considered for parts? Do you know that Meryl Streep wore a push-up bra to her meeting with director Sidney Pollack to convince him that she could be attractive enough for Out of Africa? (Streep revealed this in an interview.) Do you know that Lee Strasberg called Field the keeper of the Method flame?

I am bewildered by your disrespectful piece about Sally Field. Lincoln is an important and serious movie. Field is extraordinary in it. No vanity, humor, madness, common sense — all mixed together in her portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln.

I believe you owe Field an apology.

Allen H.

We'll leave the fair and balanced reporting to Fox News, thank you very much.

subj: balance
most of your articles are geared toward liberal left wing stances on the issues of our time. Would you not open your market if you included some balance and actually tweaked the left now and then? I have lived on the east coast and now on the west coast and work in the IT business and know many conservative geeks that love gawker but feel largely alienated by your positions. Just a thought.

Whose side will you take in the apocalyptic Insects v. Aliens War?

Subj: UFOs

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