Rahmatolla Vahidipour, the owner of a boutique in Flatbush, was shot three times and killed on Friday night, and his death is being linked to two other Brooklyn murders. Vahidipour and the two other victims — Mohamed Gebeli, killed in July, and Isaac Kadare, killed in August — shared a few qualities: all three were killed in the small Brooklyn stores that they owned, were at least 59 years old and were shot by the same .22 caliber pistol. All three were also of Middle Eastern descent, and were killed around each store's closing time.

The New York Post also notes that all three stores had an "8" in their addresses, for whatever that is worth. Money was taken from the shops in the first two murders, but Vahidipour was not robbed. It's unclear, though, if that's because there was no money on hand.

The NYPD has yet to comment officially on the string of murders, though they have released a sketch of the suspect.

[via NY Daily News, image via Shutterstock]