Looks like Kristen Stewart's public nuzzling with Rupert Sanders was good for business, after all. Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the last Twilight film, made $141.3 million over the weekend, giving it $340.9 million worldwide. This is notable not just because of the heartbreaking scandal, but also because it proves once and for all that "females can fuel an event franchise," as The Hollywood Reporter put it, so there's that.

Skyfall continued to rake in cash, grossing $41.5 million over the weekend to give it $161 million domestically and an impressive $669.2 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing James Bond film of all time. Lincoln did well in its first week of widespread distribution with a $21 million, and Wreck-it Ralph, a film commenters passionately believe is very good, made another $18 million.

Joe Wright's 708th literary adaptation, Anna Karenina, and David O. Russel's new flick, Silver Linings Playbook, both did okay in limited release, grossing $19,712 and $28,652 per location, respectively.

So, Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - did anyone see it? Was it as bad as everyone says?

[Image via AP]