Thanksgiving is crashing down all around us, which means high school reunions are in season.

If you are a nerd, or of below-average attractiveness, your class reunion might be the very first high school party to which you are invited: savor it, and know that you missed some great ones.

If you were the president of any sports club: Welcome home, Odysseus. Strut through the town bar like the golden god you are.

If you didn't go to high school in the town in which you are spending Thanksgiving: now is the time to start crafting elaborate and fantastical lies. (Make sure they do not violate the laws of physics, in case "your" old physics teacher is there.)

Maybe someone will bring a prostitute. Maybe you are a prostitute. Maybe that sort-of famous person you went to high school with will surprise everyone by showing up.

After you've used up your two drink tickets, plus two more drink tickets you found on the ground, please share your heartwarming, stomach-churning reunion stories here.

[Image via Touchstone Pictures]