"It was pretty despicable that someone, during this time of the year, would tell kids Santa isn't real - which of course we would argue," Const. Steve Koopman of the Kingston Police said about the 24-year-old man arrested on Saturday during the Eastern Ontario city's annual Santa Claus Parade.

The unidentified "Grinch," as he was described by the police department's official Twitter feed, was reportedly sporting gelled hair that "looked like a set of devil horns protruding from his head."

In an interview with the National Post, Koopman said that while ruining Christmas for the kids of Kingston was egregious enough, it wasn't the man's only crime.

In addition to dashing dreams, the soused Scrooge was also booked on charges of public intoxication, disturbing the peace, and breach of probation.

He was granted bail the following day in exchange for vowing to abstain from alcohol and murdering innocence.

[tweet via @KingstonPolice]