Here are blessings that Nicki Minaj may or may not be thankful for, as stated on the re-release of the sequel to her first album:


$12 milli to kick her feet up
Airports that you bitches never land in
All this money
A bald pussy with lots of juice
A big ol' ratchet do
A clit
A clothing line (wigs is next)
A commercial
A Corvette
A crew
Cross appeal
A dick
An empire
A famous anus
A G5
A good chair at the VMAs (front row)
A gutted-out T-Rex
Hoes (they're her sons)
An imprint (Pink Friday)
Long hair
Loose leaf paper (i.e. money)
Louis V lenses
Mafia money
Menses (as in multiple mens, but menses is bound to be true from time to time, too)
A mirror
Nudes from the baddest bitches
Papa dough
A playpen
A pool that she never swam in
Real big pretty titty
Shoe game comparable to that of Russell Simmons
A sniper
Studded-out V-necks
A title (Queen)
A Versace corset
A whole bunch of pretty gang in her clique
A wrist on popsicle


All consecutive winnings
Always in the press
Boss for real
Birthing artists
Bodied bitches with commercial songs
Deals with big names
Graduated with honors
Has pushed more 6s then a playdate
Has shut down every city
Her career's been the pinkprint
Her money can't fit in clips
Her products are in stores
Is ill
Is legit
Is "like really famous"
Is the greatest Queens bitch
Is the punch-line queen
Is the shit
Lives in that boss shit you talk
Meetings with the president of every network
On E!
On Idol
On the Forbes list
Opening doors
People try to take pictures of her with their iPhone
Pink Friday's in Macys (She's the only female rapper with a perfume)
Pocket's on blimp
Prophesied every thing she does
Put all you bitches onto them good lacefronts
Put people on the map
Remains a staple
Sell-out shows in Norway, Oslo
She's ya idol, she's ya idol, she's ya mothafuckin' idol
Shoutout from Obama
Was good at the VMAs
Was good on BET