We've seen the royal duchess Kate Middleton's naked top and we've seen her bare bottom too.

But now we're seeing an Irish newspaper editor stepping down from his position after the Irish Daily Star republished those pictures, which were orignally seen in the French magazine Closer.

Michael O'Kane is the editor that resigned over the photos, all while his paper's future was being called into question. The Star is owned by Northern & Shell, a British media group which also owns the British Daily Star. As a member of the European press, you've got to know that if you're working for a British company, then you should not mess with the royals. The British press is aware that if they piss off the monarchy, they won't get the access that they need to properly cover them.

The hyper-yappy British red tops are pretty mad at you, Mr. O'Kane, but you did the right thing and got the hell out of there before the Queen sent her corgis after you.

New York Magazine [Image via Getty]