O.J. Simpson spent this Thanksgiving inside of a jail cell. He's currently doing time for armed robbery, but the details of his famous 1994 murder trial have still not escaped him.

A documentary called "My Brother The Serial Killer" premiered on the Investigation Discovery channel this week and claimed that O.J. was indeed not the one who killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The real murderer, the documentary alleges, is Glen Rogers, an L.A. house painter turned serial killer, who is currently on death row for the murder of 70 people.

Rogers was arrested for his crimes six weeks after Simpson was acquitted in 1995. He went on a killing spree which included many victims who were women.

A lengthy interview with Rogers' brother Clay is the focus of the documentary. In it, he says that Simpson hired Glen Rogers to take back a pair of earrings that Simpson had gifted to his ex-wife. Allegedly, Simpson warned Glen, "you may have to kill the bitch."

Clay Rogers also says that his brother Glen had been hanging out with Brown Simpson and planned to rob her. "They got money, they're well off, I'm taking her down," Glen allegedly told Clay at the time.

Attorneys for the families of the victims say that both of the Rogers brothers are just trying to get some attention, possibly as an attempt to delay Glen's execution. Normally this would just be a little PR spin, but anyone who's ever read Simpson's tell all "If I Did It," knows that, yeah, he probably did it.

ABC [Image via AP]