Guy Fieri, better known as Mountain Dew in human form, has recently been trying to save his image in the wake of Pete Wells' damning New York Times review of his Times Square restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar.

Update: Looks like our tipster was wrong: Fieri's publicist writes in to tell us that he was not at Hollister Hills State Park on Friday.

A tipster has emailed in to tell us that Mr. Fieri, who contrary to popular belief is not a member of Smash Mouth, was causing quite the ruckus in Hollister Hills State Park on Friday night. The park is located in Central California, two hours south of San Francisco. Our tipster describes it as "a haven for gasoline powered adrenaline junkies who like to camp out and run their off road machines." Sounds like Guy's kind of place.

Read the account in full:

Late Friday night November 23, 2012 local camp state law enforcement at Hollister Hills State Park received complaints of late night noise, drunkenness, and the smell of collecting garbage. Techno music booming through huge speakers, camp fires burning, small motorcycles throwing up dust and exhaust all contributed to an apocalyptic scene. Unnamed officials approached a group of 10 to 15 RVs circled around a group of 100+ partiers. After a tense period of initial stare-down between John law and the party people (a macho ritual called "mad dogging") the music was turned down. Ring leader of this merry band of dickheads? Guy Fieri!

You would think by now this noted celebrity chef, restauranteur, documented homophobe, sexist, anti-Semite would learn that if you act like an ass in public, someone is going say something. Law enforcement stated that of the approximately 10,000 campers in the park that the "Guy Party" was the rudest, loudest, dirtiest in the park. It seems that the Guy squad had been camping for quite a few days as the stench from household garbage permeated the air. Guy has previously tweeted from this California recreation area. It should be pointed out that for someone to complain to the cops, you have to be making a real effort in the midst of all motorcycle and ATV noise.

So was Guy Feiri really this loud and obnoxious this Thanksgiving weekend? Does a bear (and Guy) shit in the woods?

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