What is the best way to prepare Thanksgiving leftovers? Cold, right out of the fridge? Warmed to scalding in the microwave? Standing in your kitchen naked? Lady Gaga goes with naked.

This year, the singer celebrated Thanksgiving in Peru, where holiday traditions are apparently very different. A lot more nudity involved. Also breaking and entering.

According to Gaga, the night after Thanksgiving, a pack of fans broke into the garage of the home in which she was staying. She tweeted that they were singing loudly and ringing her doorbell—classic stealth tactics.

She claims to have noticed them on the home's security cameras while foraging around in the kitchen for leftovers. She was nude, so the story is sexy now.

There are a few inconsistencies here: Did she wake up for leftovers or because she heard people breaking into her home? Did she pause for leftovers on her way to investigate the break-in? Who is the LARGE ITALIAN MAN if not her father JOE GERMANOTTA?

In any event, she doesn't seem that annoyed that 35 people tried to break into her house to sing to her. She says she would have given them some food through the door, but there was no "cat-flap."

Translation: You are pussies for not taking a brick to her window.

[Twitter // Image via Getty]