It has been a banner week for TV movies starring Lindsay Lohan.

First, she appeared as Long Island's most famous freckled brunette, Liz Taylor, in the new Lifetime film Lizard Dick.

Now, Variety writes that her 2000 made-for-TV film Life Size is getting a sequel. Best of all, Lohan's costar Tyra Banks is already on board to reprise her role as a doll who is transformed into a sentient being through magic.

If you have not seen Life-Size, do yourself a favor and track it down on YouTube, where it is available in multiple illegally uploaded installments. Here's the plot (Spoiler Alert):

  • Lindsay Lohan plays a tomboy with a dead mother.
  • One day, she decides to resurrect her mom using voodoo gleaned from a book she steals from a bookstore.
  • Meanwhile, Lindsay's single father has become romantically involved with a woman from work, who surprises Lindsay with a gift of an off-brand black Barbie doll ("Eve") on her birthday, even though Lindsay is thirteen years old and not black.
  • Following a tense birthday dinner, Lindsay goes upstairs to perform acts against God.
  • In order to bring her mother back to life, Lindsay must place some strands of her mother's hair "in the center of the altar—the strongest meridian point."
  • All goes according to plan until, unbeknownst to Lindsay, her father's girlfriend uses the sacred hairbrush on Eve.
  • Because Eve is an off-brand doll, great clumps of her hair come off in the brush.
  • The next day, Lindsay awakes to find Tyra Banks staring at her in bed.
  • Later, Tyra Banks almost burns down Lindsay's house while making cookies.

It's a pretty great movie that answers the age old question "What if a doll came to life, though?" with a lot of heart and physical comedy. I can't remember the story wraps up, but I'm pretty sure Eve becomes a doll again, even though Lindsay's horndog father has started to fall in love with her, because she resembles (and is) a Victoria's Secret model.

The film ends with an unrelated, though no less fantastic, cast sing-along to Eve's theme song "Be a Star."

Tyra Banks will be credited as an executive producer for the sequel. No word yet on whether Lindsay will reprise her role as a young Liz Taylor.

[Variety // Image via Disney]