Macklemore & Lewis's smash underground ode to "Same Love" may have convinced voters in Washington to vote in favor of legalizing marriage equality, but in Michigan, the same song got a Detroit-area middle school teacher suspended for three days.

Susan Johnson, a performing arts teacher at South Lyon's Centennial Middle School, told the local Fox affiliate that she permitted an eighth-grade student to play the song in class after confirming that it contained no violence or profanity.

Johnson said she felt students might appreciate and learn from the song's message of acceptance and "tolerance to diversity."

But at least one student apparently took offense to Macklemore's plea for "human rights for everybody" and complained to the administration.

Johnson was promptly suspended for three days, two of which she was told would be without pay.

"I don't think that it was really even thought through," she told the news station. "I was paralyzed. I really didn't understand why I was being suspended."

The school had no comment for Fox 2 or the Associated Press, but a written explanation Johnson received said the song violated school policy prohibiting songs with controversial content and was played without permission.

Though she is expected back at school today, Johnson looks to push back against the reason for her suspension with help from the ACLU and the LGBT support group Affirmation.

[screengrab via Fox 2 News]