You'd think that after 4chan founder Christopher "moot" Poole was voted 2009's Most Influential Person in the World thanks in overwhelming part to a flood of 4chan users looking to game the system, Time magazine would quit handing the decision to Internet users.

But, happily, you'd be wrong.

Heads up, China: This year, 4chan is once again looking to take advantage of Time's lax approach toward bestowing hyperbolic titles by manipulating the survey to crown North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un 2012's most influential person.

The Glorious Leader's vote tally currently stands at an insurmountable 3,045,783 and climbing. Compare that with Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, who is angling for first runner-up with just under 400,000 votes at the time of writing.

Then again, that too might be the work of /b/tards, who just launched phase two of the operation, which involves strategically voting for certain candidates so that the their names spell out "KJU GAS CHAMBERS."

[image via AP]