A former Stonehill College student who sued the school alleging that complaints about her sexually active roommate were ignored by the administration has had part of the lawsuit tossed out by a federal judge in Boston.

Lindsay Blankmeyer accused her school of refusing to offer alternative housing despite her repeated claims that her senior-year roommate Laura Sidla was frequently engaging in sexual intercourse while she was still in the room only feet away.

Blankmeyer says Sidla's exhibitionist sexcapades, which included "sexually inappropriate video chatting," caused her to suffer suicidal depression and forced her to drop out of Stonehill.

While U.S. District Court Judge Rya Zobel would not dismiss the entire lawsuit, as Stonehill's attorney requested, he was persuaded to reject Blankmeyer's claim of discrimination.

The complaint about a lack of "reasonable accommodations" for Blankmeyer's disability, attention deficit disorder and depression was allowed to stand.

Judge Zobel has set December 19th as the suit's next court date.

[photo via Twitter]