Is Hillary Clinton the Meme of the Year? Maybe. I guess. She sure is good at, doing things. These are the 21 most moving images of Hillary Clinton from the year 2012, probably.

"I sure love that Ryan Gosling."

"McKayla Maroney would disapprove, but I don't."


"Do you guys like Justin Bieber?"

"Hillary Clinton isn't in a Binders full of Women"


"Remember that crazy Jesus painting?"

"Talk about a Prince Harry Sex tape"

"How about that Gangnam Style dance?"

"Grumpy Cat is so grumpy"

"Clint Eastwood... empty chair... something"

"We are never ever ever getting back together" (Taylor Swift song)

"I love Twitter."

"I love Tumblr"

"You didn't build that! Or did you! I don't know!"

Something about, like, bayonets or horses.

"Ehrmagerd, or whatever it is."

"Fire Big Bird! Ha, no, don't! I hate myself!"

I can't.

I can't keep on.

Help me.


I long for death's embrace