When we told you all the reasons you don't want to win the lottery, we mentioned the tragic death of appropriately named lotto winner Abraham Shakespeare. Well, earlier today, Dee Dee Moore, Shakespeare's self-proclaimed biographer and financial advisor, was convicted of the Florida man's 2009 murder.

"She got every bit of his money," said Assistant State Attorney Jay Pruner in closing arguments. "He found out about it and threatened to kill her. She killed him first."

After Shakespeare won $30 million in the Florida lottery in 2006, he was quickly besieged by people seeking some of his wealth and, for the most part, he obliged.

Enter Dee Dee Moore, who befriended Shakespeare in 2009 after claiming to be writing a book about how people were taking advantage of his new wealth. Eventually, Moore gained control of Shakespeare's remaining assets. When Shakespeare went missing in 2009 and was later found shot twice in the chest and buried under a slab of concrete in a backyard, she became the prime suspect.

After a dramatic trial, during which Moore allegedly threatened jurors, Dee Dee was convicted of first degree murder. Judge Emmet Battles called Moore "cold, calculating and cruel" and "the most manipulative person" he had ever seen.

Not everyone is so convinced of Moore's guilt, including her former cell mate Rose Condora. "She's not what people think she is," Condora said. "She did not kill that man."

Her attorney, Byron Hileman, also remained loyal.

"I can sleep good at night because I know I had done the very best job," Hileman said. "I feel sad for the victim. I feel sad for their families. I feel sad for the defendant because these types of cases are no-win situations."

"There were a lot of people who owed Mr. Shakespeare a lot of money. One guy owed him a million dollars," he said during his closing arguments. "The police focused on Dee Dee Moore and they didn't even consider other people."

Moore was sentenced to life in jail without parole, plus an additional 25 years for using a gun in commission of a felony.

[via Jezebel//Image via AP]