Chief Medical Examiner Releases Victims' Names: "I Believe Everybody was Hit More than Once"

H. Wayne Carver, the Chief Connecticut State Medical Examiner, just held a press conference to explain the findings of his examination. He determined that the cause of death for all of the victims was by gunshot wound, he classified all of the deaths as homicides. "I believe everybody was hit more than once," he told reporters. More »

What Was Adam Lanza Actually Like?

Details about the life of Sandy Hook School shooter Adam Lanza are extremely scarce. The most widely used photo of Lanza is undated and not current. Another more recent photo of Lanza has surfaced today. News organizations have managed to talk to a few sources along the way. Let's see what we can piece together by looking at all of the evidence. More »

What We Know from Last Night and this Morning: Lanza Forced His Way into the School

Over the night, a bunch of news has trickled out of Connecticut. A press conference held by state police managed to establish a few new facts. The press conference was led by Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and the biggest nugget of new information he gave reporters was that the shooter, Adam Lanza, forced his way into the school. More »

Actually, Now Is the Time to Talk Politics

Probably the most widely viewed Twitter trending topic in the United States right now is "#prayfornewton." The ad hoc hashtag is indicative of both the public's desire to show support for the victims in today's Connecticut school shooting-most of whom were children- but also our ignorance of what exactly happened at Sandy Hook Elementary: the shooting was in Newtown, not "Newton." More »

Connection Between Nancy Lanza, Mother of Newtown Shooter, and Sandy Hook Elementary Still in Question

There are now conflicting reports as to whether Nancy Lanza - the mother of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza and the woman believed to be his first victim - taught at Sandy Hook Elementary, where Lanza killed 26 others, or if her relationship with the school was much more nebulous. It had been reported for much of Friday that Nancy taught at the school - and that Adam may have targeted children in her classroom - but that hypothesis got much murkier late Friday night. More »

This ‘Ryan Lanza Facebook Profile Is The Connecticut Shooter' Stuff Is Fucking Up Everything

After initial reports that police had named 24-year-old Ryan Lanza the suspect in this morning's Connecticut elementary school shooting that left nearly 30 dead, including at least 18 children, dozens of media accounts (including Gawker) shared the above photo. But this Ryan Lanza is alive, well, emphatically not the shooter, and freaking out about the fact that his face is on cable news. More »

Nate Silver: Pro-Gun is Winning

One major way in which conservatives have been successful in changing policy in America over the last decade or so is by changing the way in which we talk about issues in the first place. The most obvious example is global warming, which slowly morphed into the much more cuddly "climate change" early in the Bush administration. Well, according to New York Times stat guru Nate Silver, one area where conservatives have been very successful in corrupting public conversation is gun control, where they've slowly shifted our vocabulary since the Clinton administration. More »

Here's the First Photo of Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza, Plus More Details of His Relationship With His Mother

Here's the First Photo of Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza, Plus More Details of His Relationship With His Mother More »