DJ Earworm's United State of Pop 2012 video isn't due out for another few days, but the track itself debuted over the weekend on Toronto's Virgin Radio 999, and was subsequently uploaded online by a kind Canadian soul who believes Christmas is about unwrapping your gifts early.

Speaking of the latest top 25 mashup — titled "Shine Brighter" — DJ Earworm (born Jordan Roseman) told Chicago Magazine what number six lacks in "dance floor feeling" it more than makes up for in emotion and melody.

"I'm focusing more on melody and hooks and making sure the structure is a nice pop song rather than making sure that the message is saying exactly what I want to say," Earworm said.

As for the message, it's about awakening:

There's lots of darkness, there's lots of fire. You see themes that are fading. The apocalypse theme is still around, but it's fading. Ke$ha's talking about dying young-well, that theme's been around for a long time. "We're going to live tonight like it's the last night," "this is all there is"-for a few years that's been going on. I see that fading a little bit.

As above, the official USPop12 music video is expected to be released on Christmas Day, but Earworm says he might release it early so that listeners aren't "burnt out on all the different mixes by the time they hear my mix."

UPDATE: The post has been updated with the USPop12 music video.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]