A couple of adults made excellent decisions they are legally old enough to make yesterday, when Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Harry Styles went to a tattoo parlor and he got a giant cartoon ship imprinted on his body forever with a needle.

What do you suppose the lead-up to that date (which is painful for one person and painfully boring for the other person) was?

Did Taylor demand Harry commemorate their relationship in ink, and did he say "Okay, but I want it to be a surprise!" and did he, an hour smugly reveal to her his "relation-SHIP" tattoo, and did she roll her eyes and groan "Little brothers are the worst," and then remember that they are a couple? Who knows? Almost certainly yes.

Images of the couple at Los Angeles' Shamrock tattoo parlor show Swift bumming around doing whatever with a friend while her man gets inked up, perhaps as it finally dawns on her that dating a "bad boy" is only 10% stealing chips from the corner store; the other 90% is cultivating a bad boy look.

Surprisingly, Styles' relation-SHIP does not appear to be flying the Jolly Roger, even though this symbol is widely regarded as very cool and bad-ass. A sign of Harry's growing maturity? Or maybe it didn't occur to him to ask for a skull and crossbones until just now, fuuuuuuuck.

Following the tattoo session, Styles definitely did not unwind with a glass of alcohol, because that would be illegal.

UPDATE: Please note that Swift's love interest in the video for her song "I Knew You Were Trouble" (rumored to be based on Styles) also has a giant tattoo of a ship on his arm. So Taylor Swift is just basing her life on her music videos now. Move along, nothing to see here (that you haven't already seen in a Taylor Swift music video).

[Daily Mail // Images via Twitter / Getty]